The FIFA Delegation visited Namibia for 3 days conducting an executive induction programme for the NFA Executive Council presenting strategic development and financial governance sessions following the elections of the Executive Council at the 32nd Ordinary Elective Congress of the NFA on the 17th November 2023. The FIFA delegation also developed with the strong and active participation of the Executive Committee a strategic framework and finalised the Contract of Agreed Objectives the Executive Council committed to deliver as a key strategic deliverable to be submitted to FIFA that will allow the NFA to access funds to roll out projects. The FIFA consultant, Stewart Regan, David Fani, the Lead Regional Office for FIFA Southern Africa, Christine Gama and Meryem Atouk formed part of the delegation that worked beyond the call of duty with the NFA Executive Council on a range of strategic initiatives, such as financial governance, segregation of powers and very importantly the importance of effective communications, especially with NFA’s stakeholders. The FIFA delegation provided a platform engaging with the stakeholders like Government, represented by the Deputy Minister, Hon. Emma Kantema-Gaomas, Executive Director, Erastus Haitengela of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service and NFA sponsors and the media to inform the FIFA delegation how they view the NFA and what they wanted the NFA to focus on during the four-year mandate of the Executive Council.