Since the team’s arrival in Ghana, the Tafel Lager Brave Warriors have plunged headfirst into attentive training sessions, designed to fine-tune readiness for the upcoming AFCON tournament. 

Sports scientist Garren Smith provided a detailed insight into the team’s preparation sessions, highlighting the essential tasks.

Smith asserted that upon arrival, the change in climate was evident as the players stepped onto Ajax Park for the inaugural training session. 

The intensity was palpable as the team navigated through the session, struggling with the newfound challenge of acclimatizing to the heat and humidity. 

“Some players initially struggled to breathe due to the conditions, but they progressively acclimatized and responded remarkably well as the session unfolded.” Smith stated.

Moving into the second day, Saturday, saw a focused afternoon tactical session that commenced with a comprehensive warm-up routine of dynamic movements, reaction drills, and agility exercises. 

An intensified small-sided game followed, elevating the intensity and simulating real-match scenarios to sharpen the players’ competitiveness.

On the specifics of the session, Smith stated “The session strategically emphasized build-up play, integrating diverse techniques and tactical strategies aimed at enhancing overall performance on the field.”

The build-up strategies are a deliberate effort to refine gameplay ahead of the tournament.

Emphasizing the team’s comprehensive approach to physical preparation, Smith added that “Our focus extends beyond technical aspects; fitness and conditioning play pivotal roles in our preparations. We’ve tailored routines to enhance endurance, agility, and speed, ensuring the players are primed for the demands of top-tier competition,”

As the team progresses through training camp in Ghana, the technical and physical conditioning sets a promising foundation for the Tafel Lager Brave Warriors’ AFCON aspirations.