Tafel Lager Brave Warriors, led by coach, Collin Benjamin, banks on making their mark at the 2024 TotalEnergies Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), with a formidable handpicked squad of 23 Brave Warriors, set to compete in Cote D’Ivoire.

The 23-man squad reflects a blend of seasoned players and rising talents, all aiming to leave a lasting impression.

Among the squad, Loydt Kazapua, Ryan Nyambe, Denzil Haoseb, Ivan Kamberipa, Charles Hambira, Absalom Iimbondi, Petrus Shitembi, Marcell Papama, Deon Hotto, Peter Shalulile, and Joslin Kamatuka, carry the weight of experience from their previous AFCON journey in 2019, lending a valuable edge to the squad. 

Notably, Kamatuka marked his name in history by scoring Namibia’s sole goal during the last tournament.

Benjamin shared his confidence in the team’s potential, stressing their shared ambition and individual skills as the driving force behind their pursuit of greatness.

“Before we think of outplaying our opponents, we have to outplay our previous performances in the tournament. AFCON is our World Cup and our aim is to leave a mark.” he stated.

With a formidable Group E awaiting them, including opponents like Tunisia, Mali, and South Africa, Benjamin embraces the challenge, emphasizing the importance of cohesion, strategy, perfection, and the right mindset.

The squad, comprising goalkeepers Loydt Kazapua, Kamaijanda Ndisiro, Edward Maova, defenders Ananias Gebhardt, Ryan Nyambe, Riaan Hanamub, Kennedy Amutenya, Denzil Haoseb, Charles Hambira, Aprocious Petrus, Ivan Kamberipa, and Lubeni Haukongo, midfielders Ngero Katua, Marcel Papama, Petrus Shitembi, Prins Tjiueza, Uetuuru Kambato, and forwards Wendell Rudath, Absalom Iimbondi, Peter Shalulile, Deon Hotto, Joslin Kamatuka, and Bethuel Muzeu, stands ready to represent Namibia.

As the tournament kicks off on the 13th January 2024, in Abidjan, Yamoussoukro, Bouake, San Pedro, and Korhogo, the Brave Warriors aim to harness their strengths and strive to leave a memorable impression in the 2024 AFCON edition.