In a press conference MD-1 held at the Brazzaville Stade-Alphonse Massamba Debat this morning , Young Gladiators’ assistant coach, Mathias Haimbodi, and the team’s captain, Anna Ida Somses, exuded confidence for the highly-anticipated match scheduled for tomorrow. The coach and captain shared insights into their preparations, tactical plans, and readiness for the showdown against their opponents.

Coach Haimbodi began by addressing the team’s preparations and match readiness, assuring the media that the Young Gladiators  will leave no stone unturned in their quest for victory. Asked about tactical plans, Haimbodi emphasized the element of surprise and urged the media to witness the team’s strategy unfold on the pitch tomorrow.

“Our players have put in the hard work, and we believe they are fully prepared to give their best tomorrow. We have tactical plans in place, but I won’t reveal them. I encourage everyone to come to the match and witness our game plan in action.” Haimbodi stated.

Somses echoed her coach’s sentiments, stating the team’s readiness on multiple fronts; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

“Our team is mentally focused, physically and emotionally ready to give our all on the field. We know our opponents and we are fully prepared for the match tomorrow.” Somses stated.

Speaking on morale within the team, Somses said the team has established a strong bond as they aim for success.

“Our team is united and ready to face our opponents together. We assist each other and believe in each other’s abilities. I have full confidence that we will emerge victorious.” Somses said.

The match will kick off at 15:30, at the Brazzaville Stade-Alphonse Massamba Debat.