The Brave Gladiators departed Namibia on Monday afternoon (27 November) and arrived safely at their destination in Accra,Ghana where they held their first training session on Wednesday – joined by the trio of Zenatha Coleman (Turkey ), Millicent Hikuam (America ) and Vewe Kotjipati (Germany) who were the last to report for national team duty.

They had the last training routine on Thursday before the all-important clash on Friday, 1 December 2023.

“ We watched a few of their previous match videos and this is a crucial match,it is as important for them as it is to us. We have been preparing well and I believe the team is ready, we learned a lot from the Olympic Qualifiers Match and the COSAFA Cup.

Speaking on the addition of new players,Metutjo Tjivikua,Helena Shuumbwa and Aune Andreas.

Brave Gladiators Head Coach,Paulus Shipanga said that Namibia is a talent hub.

“ Namibia is packed with talent and the technical team and I saw something special in these players,Aune is not a foreigner to the team,she was part of the training squad before and so is Helena,she played for the junior teams and now she is making return to the setup . Metutjo is a talented attacking midfielder and we need to score goals.

He adds that the team understands the magnitude of this match,qualifying for AFCON with these crop of players will be the highlight of most of these girls football career.

The Gladiators will take on Ghana at the Accra Sports Stadium on Friday, 1 December at 15:30.