Ahead of their pivotal FIFA World Cup Qualification match against São Tomé, scheduled for tomorrow at 17h00 at Grand Estade Agadir, Namibia Senior Men national team Coach Collin Benjamin and Captain Ananias Gebhardt, shared their perspectives on the team’s preparations and expectations in an exclusive MD-1 interview.

Coach Collin Benjamin, said that the team utilized their time efficiently to rectify key areas in preparation for the encounter.

 “The time between the two matches has been sufficient to effectively address key areas and fine-tune our strategy and rectify our mistakes ahead of the encounter,” he stated.

Speaking on their opponent, Benjamin displayed optimism, highlighting the team’s will to show up and deliver.

“The team is hungry for a win, and I believe we are ready to face this new challenge head-on tomorrow. We need to strike a balance of attack and defence, but overall, we are in a good space to collect the needed points.” he stated.

The coach acknowledged the weight of expectations on the team, saying, “There’s always pressure in on the Brave Warriors. This is the people’s team, the pride of the nation and because of that, there will always be pressure not just to win, but also show and execute our game plan effectively. Most of the players have been around and are used to the pressure. We are ready for the match tomorrow. “

Addressing the aftermath of the team’s initial qualification match against Equatorial Guinea, Benjamin said “We’ve made tactical adjustments aimed at enhancing strengths rather than forced changes”.

Commenting on the crucial encounter, and preventing past mistakes, team captain, Ananias Gebhardt echoed the gaffer’s sentiments with a sense of focus and determination, highlighting the team’s collective effort to avoid repeating history.

“We’re all committed and mentally prepared for the challenge that lies ahead.  This match is a must win so fostering accountability within the squad has been a priority. We have emphasized learning from the past, with both senior and junior players to ensure every player takes responsibility for their role on the pitch.”

On their opponents, the confident skipper said “We approach every opponent with respect but maintain a belief in our capabilities. Our expectations are to perform at our best. It will not some easy. We are aware of our opponents and their strengths, but by God’s grace, we will score and emerge victorious.”