Namibia U20 Women National Team Coach, Errol Damaseb, selected a provisional squad of thirty-three [33] players, to prepare for the 2nd Round of the U20 FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifiers against Congo Brazzaville, on the 6th and 15th October 2023. 

Damaseb, who is appointed for this assignment, said he conducted trials on Sunday, 17th September 2023, with sixty players from all regions. 

“I have seen a pool of excellent football talent to pick and choose from. The girls exhibited great potential, not all could make it, unfortunately. We have selected the cream of the crop and we believe the team will successfully compete in this competition.” he said.

“These girls are skilful, fast and quick to learn. If we can create more one on ones, we will create more scoring opportunities, and the rest will be history.” He said. 

On the contrary, he said, “scoring is one of the major challenges we picked up during these few days and due to this, we dedicated this week to work hard on finishing drills to improve this department.” Damaseb mentioned. 

While the majority of players are relatively new, there is a blend of experience.

Asked if two weeks will be enough to constructively prepare for the crucial encounter, Damaseb replied, “this is actually a serious challenge, one that we fully welcomed and embrace, given the circumstances. With the talent we have, it is just enough time to work on our combinations and a few other aspects such as set-pieces. Other than that, I believe in the team and I am positive about progressing to the next round.”

In camp at NFA since the 17th September, the U20’s will train twice daily at the Technical Centre, with the team said to be trimmed down to a final list of 23 players before departing to Congo Brazzaville.

The provisional squad:

Goal Keepers: Sarafina Khuruses, Anchen Engelbrecht, Hilde Tjiueza, Toeli Iilonga, Vilaria Bernadus

Defenders: Aune Andreas, Onondjamo Kaetjavi,Okeri-Hitjitevi Haakuria, Talitha Aubes, Manisha Ore-aos, Kuhatjiua Tjipaka, Utuzuvira Kahiriri, Prisca amuntale, Chantel hanes, Frieda Kenda.

Midfielders: Anna-Ida Somses, Brenda tjozongoro, Kristofina Benyameni, Chamila Cloete, Mclee Tsuses, Hilka Shilongo, Queen Neis, Charlotte Richter, Nancy Lebang.

Forwards: Amy Bernt, Star Kapofi, Albertina Fillipus, Elsabe Reinecke, Leena Alweendo,Chaselinne Jossop, Jekohasanna Kamatjipose Michane Vries, Memory Nandova.