In an exclusive interview with NFA Media, four talented players from the Tafel Lager Brave Warriors’ provisional team shared their journey to national duties, and their aspirations and dreams, as the teamprepares for the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers against Equatorial Guinea and São Tomé. 

The talented Warriors, Quinton Khuruseb, Sem Ndahangwapo, Simon Elago, and Given Mutuezu, offer a glimpse into the unwavering commitment required to represent their nation on the international stage.

Forward, Quinton Khuruseb of Tigers FC, who remains undaunted by the absence of a national cap, shared his enthusiasm for the journey ahead, emphasizing that representing the land is the crowning point of every footballer’s career, making it a highly competitive endeavor. 

“It takes hard work, resilience and willingness to learn, to make it and in the end, it is all worth it because it helps you step up as a player.”

Khuruseb’s says dedication to hard work, resilience, and continuous learning is his recipe for success, as he strives to amplify his abilities to secure a place in the final squad.

Reflecting on the possibility of making or missing the final list, he sees both outcomes as opportunities for growth, with the understanding that working harder, whether in success or adversity, is a catalyst for improved performance and increased chances of success.

Teammates Sem Ndahangwapo and Simon Elago echoed Khuruseb’s sentiments, highlighting the central role of hard work and passion in their journey towards international recognition.

Also a forward, Ven Blue Waters’ Ndahangwapo, expressed his gratitude for the mentorship of senior players like Absalom Iimbondi, who he said offer guidance and instill hope in the aspiring talents. 

“I am honoured at the opportunity to be among fellow Brave Warriors, and also the chance to receive firsthand mentoring from players I admire.” He stated.

FC Ongos star player, Elago, who defines a Brave Warrior as hardworking, dedicated, and enthusiastic, proudly claimed to possess these qualities and maintained a commitment to continual self-improvement. 

Asked to share vital advice from one technical team member, Elago credited coach, Collin Benjamin, saying”hard work beats talent. That motto serves as a constant source of motivation for me.”

Given Mutuezu, Mighty Gunners’ defender said he is fond of the national team environment and the camaraderie among players. He acknowledged the motivation that comes from being surrounded by peers who share the same passion. 

Mutuezu stated that he sees each camp as an opportunity to gain new lessons, and looks forward to creating more memorable moments with the national team.

An optimistic Erastus Kulula of Ven Blue Waters Fc who picked up an injury during a training session with the national team, said the unfortunate incident is an opportunity delayed and not denied.

“This is just the beginning. I will step up from here and through dedication, become a regular face in the national team set up.” he stated.

The Tafel Lager Brave Warriors contest against Equatorial Guinea in the host’s capital, Malabo, on the 15thNovember, and face São Tomé on the 21st November 2023, in Agadir, Morocco.