In order to accelerate the professionalisation of women’s football in the country, more funding through sponsorship remains imperative to the NFA.Earlier this month the Brave Gladiators paid a courtesy visit to the Namibian Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) in Windhoek.

During the visit the team discussed their challenges  as well as their financial needs with the Chief Executive Officer of NDTC, Mr Brent Eiseb alongside Ms Helena Mootseng NDTC Corporate Affairs Manager. The team highlighted the importance of sponsorships in sports particularly for women football in Namibia.

“Bringing in more corporate sponsors on board, especially in the women’s game, will assist in NFA’s efforts to close the gender pay parity gap,this conversation comes at a perfect time because the team is scheduled to play qualification matches in two different crucial continental tournaments and any kind of assistance towards the team,be it in bonuses or attires will go a long way” said Monica Shapwa Chairperson of Women Football in Namibia. 

Should our dream become a reality, we are confident that this partnership will grow bigger and stronger, with women in this country ultimately being the biggest winner.”

NDTC agreed to sponsor the team N$ 200,000.00 directed towards preparations for the 2024 Paris Olympic Qualifiers against Morocco as a short term solution while looking at the possibility of a long term smart partnership in the future. 

The Gladiators defeated Gambia 3-2 in their first leg for the WAFCON Qualification match in Morocco,the team will play the second leg on Sunday,24 September in Morocco at the ElJadida -Stade El Abdi stadium.