In a heartening show of support and motivation, Mr. Sipapela Cletuis Sipapela, the Ambassador of Namibia to Congo Brazzaville, paid a visit to the Young Gladiators ahead of their much-anticipated clash with Brazzaville’s U20 team, for the FIFA U20 World Cup qualifiers.

Accompanied by the 2nd secretary of the Embassy, Mrs. Sorieta Hansen, the Ambassador spared no efforts to inspire the players for the impending battle.

With the big match against Brazzaville scheduled for October 8, 2023, at 15:30 at the Brazzaville Stade-Alphonse Massamba Debat, and Namibia’s home match set for October 13, 2023, set to be staged at the same venue and time, the stakes are undeniably high however, the Ambassador was optimistic.

“This match represents more than just football; it’s a symbol of our nation’s resilience and determination. We may be on foreign soil, but remember, you carry the hopes and dreams of Namibia with you. Be fierce, be relentless, and give it your all on that field.” Sipapela said.

He further emphasized the importance of unity and teamwork, stating that go otball is a team sport, that requires unity amongst other things, to succeed.

“As the day draws closer, know that all eyes will be on you, not only here, but also back home [Namibia]. Therefore, play not just for yourselves but for the nation. Our embassy will be there in full force to cheer you on.” he said.

The Young Gladiators:

Goalkeepers: Sarafina Khuruses, Hilde Tjiueza, Iilonga Teolindus.

Defenders: Aune Andreas, Onondjamo Kaetjavi, Okeri-Hitjitevi Haakuria, Talitha Aubes, Utuzuvira Kahiriri, Prisca Amuntale, Frieda Kenda.

Midfielders: Anna-Ida Somses, Brenda Tjozongoro, Kristofina Benyameni, Mclee Tsuses, Charlotte Richter, Aochamus Michelle.

Forwards: Albertina Fillipus, Elsabe Reinecke, Leena Alweendo, Chaselinne Jossop, Jekohasanna Kamatjipose, Michane Vries, Memory Nandova.