The Tafel Lager Brave Warriors prepare to depart for South Africa this afternoon, 5th September 2023, to finalize preparations for the highly anticipated friendly match against South Africa on the 9th September 2023, at the Orlando stadium in Johannessburg, South Africa, at 15h00.

The journey to South Africa comes a day after an exhibition match against Zimbabwe, which took place at the hosts’ National Sports Stadium in Harare, for the inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

In preparation for the journey, Head Coach, Collin Benjamin, has selected his final squad of 23 players for the encounter.

“Most of our debutants showed resilience and dedication during the match against Zimbabwe and deserve more chances to learn and hone their skills. There is plenty of character, talent and potential to make a significant difference.” Stated the Gaffer.

The match ended in a dramatic 2-2 draw, which later lead to the Brave Warriors narrow 5-4 defeat on penalties to Zimbabwe. 

Despite the loss, Benjamin is content with the overall performance of the team, and looks forward to upsetting their counterparts, South Africa.

“We are delighted to have this match of such magnitude. It will be exciting to see the new crop of players in action alongside some of our seniors; the likes of Shitembi and Hotto, both of whom I am sure we are all excited to see back in national colours.” He stated.

Here’s a glimpse of the Final Tafel Lager Brave Warriors squad:

Goalkeepers: Loydt Kazapua, Kamaijanda Ndisiro, Jonas Matheus.

Defenders: Ryan Nyambe, Ivan kamberipa, Ikeinge Erasmus, Amutenya Kennedy, Ananias Gebhardt, Riaan Hanamub, Aprocious Petrus.

Midfielders: Amutenya Paulus, Absalom Iimbondi, Marcell Papama, Ngero Katua, Devin Somseb, Alfeus Leevi , Romeo Kasume, Prins Tjiueza, Petrus Shitembi, Deon Hotto.

Forwards: Uetuuru Kambato, Muzeu Bethuel,Kamatuka Joslin.