As the Tafel Lager Brave Warriors embark on a crucial fitness elevation mission for the upcoming CHAN 2024 competition with a preceeding international friendly against South Africa’s Bafana Bafana, Fitness Scientist, Garren Smith, said this phase is an essential foundation in the team’s quest for high performance.

Smith furthermore said the team has a well-planned training program with a multi-faceted approach to increase physical ability and strength.

“The timing of this week’s training is crucial. Most, if not all, players started their pre-season training with their respective clubs. This alignment increases the affinity between the National Team and clubs that our training programmes are in sync, and this helps us to build a strong foundational fitness level to guarantee top performance output.” Smith stated. 

He added that the transition from club to national team demands an integration of fitness levels, skills, and tactical understanding, which then become the difference between good and world-class performances on the field.

“We will target various energy systems such as aerobics and anaerobic to optimize the players’ overall performance. By addressing these energy systems through carefully designed training programs , we aim to equip the players with the physical capacity to excel in different game scenarios,” the Fitness Scientist mentioned.

Smith sums up the significance of the ongoing training week by stating that, “This week is not only a vital preparatory phase but also a strategic initiative to elevate our players’ fitness levels; preparation is not merely about physical conditioning, but also about building a mental and strategic edge that can make all the difference in high-stakes matches.”