The Executive Team of the Namibia Football Association (NFA) is led by the Normalisation Committee, a critical body entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring fair and transparent governance within the association. The Normalisation Committee (NC) was appointed by FIFA in April 2022 and operates as an independent entity with the primary objective of overseeing the NFA's affairs and implementing necessary reforms when needed. This committee plays a crucial role in safeguarding the principles of good governance, promoting accountability, and maintaining the highest standards of integrity within the association. Their expertise in governance and football administration allows them to address challenges or disputes that may arise, fostering an environment conducive to the sustainable growth of football in Namibia. With their impartiality and commitment to upholding the rules and regulations of football, the Normalisation Committee helps steer the NFA towards greater professionalism and efficiency, further strengthening the foundation of football in the country.

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