In an intense conclusion to Namibia’s TotalEnergies AFCON campaign, the Tafel Lager Brave Warriors bid farewell after a 3-0 loss to Angola in the Round of 16. 

Despite the end of this chapter, Coach Collin Benjamin reflected on a journey that brimmed with invaluable learning experiences, exciting opportunities, and memorable events.

“This journey has been more than just matches; it’s been about growth, resilience, and unity. Every setback and triumph has shaped us for the future, and I am immensely grateful for everything that contributed to our collective journey.”

The AFCON tournament witnessed the Brave Warriors etch their names in history with a landmark victory against Tunisia in Korhogo during their opening group match. 

“Recording our first-ever win against Tunisia was a special moment for us and for Namibian football. It showed the world the strength and potential of our team.” stated the coach.

The team’s path to the Round of 16 was solidified with a hard-fought 0-0 draw against Mali in the final group match staged in San Pedro. 

Looking back on that game, Benjamin said “Qualifying for the Round of 16 was a testament to our collective effort. It was not just about individual skill but the unity and determination that define the Brave Warriors.”

“Whoever wrote the script did not have Namibia qualifying to the round of 16, yet here we are. We are grateful and proud. Moving on, we can only build on this.”

“We walk away tonight with our heads held high, knowing that everything we achieved here came at a high cost and was well deserved.”

The Brave Warriors exit the tournament with heads held high, carrying not only pride in their accomplishments but also valuable experiences that will serve to elevate the team, and players individually.