Nam Coaches Seminar

The Namibia Football Association will host a conference to launch the establishment of Coaches Association in Namibia.

This according to the chief organizer of the event, NFA Technical Director Klaus Staerk, the establishment of such a body will enable coaches to have their interests addressed and have better representation at various platforms.

“We are hoping for a big turn out from all invited coaches to attend and that it will be a success in as far as formation of this association is concerned” said Staerk.

The invitation went out to the Namibia Premier league, the first division and all CAF/NFA licensed coaches to attend a two-day seminar at Soccer House, starting Friday 3 September to Saturday.

On the programme will be the deliberation on the structure of the Association, its rights and duties to be followed by the election of a chairperson of the Association and other EXCO members, with participants also to be introduced to the future of coaching and coaching education in Namibia.

“The idea is to have a coach’s forum to discuss also matters of coaching our players, nurturing them so that we meet each other half-way in terms of our national teams’ stated Staerk.

Former Orlando Pirates coach Dawid Snewe, whose contract with the Buccaneers ended this last season expressed his satisfaction with the move to establish a coaches Association.

“I have to say this move has been long overdue since coaches are not united in their cause and thus our contracts with clubs are never fully honored and we just don’t get the treatment we deserve as coaches.

“ Also the fact that if we are united coaches, the standard of football will improve as we will have more or less the same line of thinking and helping our national sides and surely I appreciate this move from the FA” said Snewe who is now back at home in Otjiwarongo, club-less.

Other participant coaches are, amongst others, African Stars assistant coach Reinhold Goagoseb, Black Africa coach Ricardo Mannetti, national under-20 coach Bernard Kaanjuka, Ramblers coach Ali Akan, Willem Kapukare, Timo Tjongarero, Brian Isaacs, Max Johnson, Eric Muinjo and Jacqueline Shipanga.