FIFA Grassroots festival at Oshakati

Following the successful FIFA Grassroots Course and festival in Windhoek in April, a second leg of the Course will be held in Oshakati in November.

The Football Association has communicated to FIFA’s Development officer Ashford Mamelodi, informing him of the FA’s commitment to grassroots football.

The program at Oshakati will run from 08 to 13 November with a football seminar for coaches’ and administrators, culminating in football festival for kids on the final day.

Furthermore, the NFA have agreed with the German Football Federation (DFB) to do grassroots programmes in two additional venues starting from 13 to 26 September with those venues to be confirmed in due course.

To this end, FIFA have sent a consignment of material to be sued at the festival, which includes footballs, bibs, markers and cones. The consignment arrived on Monday.
Namibia was selected as only the second country in Africa, after Mauritius, to host the FIFA Grassroots Development Programme.

At the launch in April, Sport Minister Kazenambo Kazenambo congratulated the Namibia Football Association for being only the second country in Africa to host a FIFA Development Programme, saying that the NFA was assisting the Ministry in meeting its development targets.

“The Ministry’s role in sport development is to provide policy direction in conjunction with the NFA and other bodies in order for sport to reach the thousands of Namibians across the nation. I am thus grateful to bodies like the NFA who assist the government in meeting the challenges of sport development,” he said.
Kazenambo however called on the NFA to ensure that development projects are taken to all the regions of Namibia.

“Gone should be the days that development clinics are just held for a few days. I want to challenge the NFA to ensure that this festival is replicated in other areas of Namibia. The nation shall hold the NFA accountable if this does not happen,” he said at the time.

NFA President John Muinjo have reiterated his leadership’s commitment to football development and called on stakeholders to play their part in ensuring that future stars of the game, boys and girls are presented with a platform to express them and be nurtured in a reputable environment.