Brave Warriors donates N$ 10 000 towards Robbie’s funeral

Braves and Robbie fam.jpg

The Brave Warriors on Thursday night honored the memory of Robbie Savage at his family residence in Khomasdal and donated N$ 10 000 towards the funeral service of their number one fan who passed away earlier in the day.

The team led by their coach Ricardo Mannetti and Team Manager Cyril Isaacs graced the family memorial service held on Thursday night to pay respect to Robbie Savage and in a true Robbie memory, it was all laughter and tears of joy as mourners walked down memory lane.

Coach Mannetti remembered Robbie as a great motivator and stressed that what the late has done for football will always be remembered.

“Don’t thank us for making time to come here tonight. We owe this to Robbie, he have put so much time into football ever since his childhood down this street and this neighborhood. Robbie lived the game and we salute him and it’s only fitting that we honor him tonight”, Mannetti says.

The coach then called on Cyril Isaacs who also shared his moments with Robbie before reiterating that he was a bubbly person.

“ Even at even like this, he will come make cheer everyone on. There was never a dull moment with him, he was straight talker and if you rub him off the wrong shoulder, he will surely make sure you feel his wrath. He was always there”.

The Brave Warriors players, in camp for the African Nations Championships second round second leg match in Harare on Sunday, had earlier decided to contribute to the family and collected among themselves N$ 10 000 which was handed over in cash on the night.

“This is just from the team and we are sure the football fraternity and sports in general will come and give more. Robbie touched of all us and we owe it to him to lessen the burden on the family as we bid farewell” Mannetti said on behalf of the team.

Cassius Moeti of Black Africa also remembered Robbie and promised to talk to all NPL club to make a financial contribution and also recommended that the next football season honor his legacy with a minute of silence at the start of every match.

“Robbie was a friend to all and he supported the game with all he had. Made efforts to be present at all times and indeed held the Brave Warriors in highest esteem and would be angry if about 50 supporters of the visiting team out sang the locals, he would wake us up and encourage us to make some noise for the boys”.

Kiriata Kamanya of the Salute Boxing Academy too pledged N$ 10 000 and shared how Robbie has always been at their events since day one and touched their lives as well.

Kelly Asser too, remembered his friend Robbie as a very considerate person whom they shared a lot together.

“I lost my two sons in 2015 and did not cry because I’m not an emotional person but today when I heard of Robbie’s passing, I shed tears for the first time. It is just too much to handle, he was a great man to my family he was very close indeed”.

There will be another memorial service at the family residence in Khomasdal, Hanekam Street on Sunday at 19h00; at the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday night at 18h30 and again on Friday at St. Andrews Primary School Hall at 18h00.