Baby Warriors draw against Westphalia

Godwin awaseb.png

The on-tour Baby Warriors played to a nail-biting draw against their host Westphalia under 17 on Wednesday at the Kaiserau Sports Centre in Germany and will again be in action on Sunday at Stadion GW Abersloh.

The Namibian under 17 boys, who started off their tour with a 2-0 win over Homburcher SV and on Wednesday took on their host and after going down 1-0 at halftime came back into the game with a goal from striker Godwin Awaseb.

The lads will again play on Sunday as they travel to the Stadion Abersloh to take on SC PR Munster before taking a tour of German Football at the German Footfall Federation (DFB) in Dortmund on Tuesday.

The team will then play their final game on tour against B Region Westphalia on Wednesday in Bad Wunnenberg before packing their bags to return home on Thursday night.

Team coach Pauhl Malembu is satisfied with the performance and overall conduct of the boys on tour.

“ They are following instructions and expressing themselves very well. They are paying attention to presentations by our host on various football and life related issues and our wish is for them to become better footballer, on and off the field”, says Malembu.
Malembu adds that it was imperative for the youngsters to be given this platform where they can play and learn as much as possible at an early age and based on his observations, the boys are ready to make a mark on Namibian, regional and world football.

The Baby Warriors vs Westphalia: Philipus Josef, Godwin Awaseb, Johannes Hollombach, Dawid Morgan JR, Stanley Ndjavera, Mbakondja Tjahikika, Junior Petrus, Giovani Kaninab, Vaino Uugwanga ,Mbajoroka Kahuure and Godwin Eiseb.