NFA coaching Course on the way

Capacity building remains a priority at the Namibia football Association as the annual coaching courses kick-off in earnest.

The introductory coaching will be held at four major towns representing all four counters of the country starting from the 14 of February in Windhoek.

According to the NFA Education Officer Timothy Tjongarero the coaching course are aligned to bring basics coaching knowledge to aspiring coaches and it just a beginning.

“Look after completing you introductory coaching course successfully you have t chance to apply for the NFA C-License Coaching course and with these credentials you can qualify for the CAF license as well and thus it is very important that one’s takes up this seriously to become a good coach” Tjongarero said.

Each prospective candidate for the Introductory coaching course is require to submit a hand written CV and two passport photos along with the an completed application form. Participants are also restricted to persons 18 years and older, with basic command of the English, an adequate physical fitness, and must have technical basic skills of the football techniques and must be am member of a club, academy or school registered and acknowledged by the FA.

“The NFA have a social obligation to ensure that we offer this service to the people of this country and help them become great mentors and coaches of the game. So this is a great avenue for all to see if they have what it takes to become great coaches in this country and maybe go abroad as well to coach like o0the countries are doing, explains Tjongarero.

Registration fee is N$ 100 and the deadline for application for the Introductory Coaching Course to be held in Windhoek on 14-18 February is 7 February.

“This will give the organizers enough time to ensure that all the logistics are in pace for a successful course”, concludes Tjongarero.

After the Windhoek leg of the course, Oshakati will host a similar course on 28 February to 4 march, to be followed by Swakopmund on 14-18 march.

The Introductory coaching course for the southern part of the country will be held at Keetmanshoop on 21 to 25 February 2011.