Our Mandate:

The mandate of the Namibia Football Association [NFA] is to govern and develop the beautiful game of football through all fourteen political regions of the Republic of Namibia.

Since the inception of the NFA in 1992, the Association has grown exponentially and was tranformed into an organisation that can serve our game for the full benefit of all Namibians. However, and regretfully so, the NFA was confronted with a leadership LID that determined the limit on the potential for the organisational growth of the Association.

The new NFA, under the administrative and operational authority of the FIFA Normalisation Committee is in the process to modernise football giving it a true Namibian look and feel to be accessible, to be inclusive in all aspects of the game, not just in football for senior men, but for women and at youth levels for boys and girls.

For NFA to make football truly Namibian, the Association must help develop football everywhere so that it [the NFA] has a strong top tier league for men, women football with a super league, Nationwide First Division, Regional 2nd Division, Brave Warriors [Senior National Football Men’s Team], Brave Gladiators [Senior National Football Women’s Team] as well as the U/20s and U/17s Boys and Girls, hoping to inculcate Football Used Towards Social Advancement and Learning [FUTSAL] as part of the NFA family in the foreseeable future.