Elite local coaches gets DFB certified

Nine local Instructors who completed the German Football Federation (DFB) International Instructors course, hosted electronically on the 24 May-28 May 2021, received their certificates today from the Technical Director (TD) of the Namibia Football Association (NFA), Jacqueline Shipanga.

The elite course was a partnership between the Deutscher Fussball-Bund and the NFA as well as the Botswana Football Association.

Shipanga states “If we are going to build capacity, we have to start with instructors as they are the very people who groom youth development coaches. We need to empower the right people so as to place the youth in great hands.”

Departed football legend Lucky Richter, who sadly passed away in June, successfully completed the course as the best candidate.

The TD explains that the partnership with Botswana Football Association (BFA) will see Namibian experts linking up with experts from Botswana, to exchange and share knowledge for the acceleration in the development and advancement of Sports in both countries.

Agnus Elemu expresses his gratitude towards DFB and the two Associations for creating a platform for learning and improving for the instructors.

“This was a milestone and broadened our capacities even on complex matters such as social competency. With this newly acquired knowledge and skills, I am sure football is in great hands country-wide”, Elemu says.

Amongst the aspects covered in the elect course are linking football and interdisciplinary skills, understanding and developing and applying methodological social and media competencies, and enhancing the quality of learning processes.

Shipanga reveals a DFB sponsorship of N$100 000 worth of equipment, for youth development of the girl child, at the regional level.

The Instructors are :
1. Willem Kapukare
2. Agnus Elemu
3. Collin Benjamin
4. Bobby Samaria
5. John Sikerete
6. Woody Jacobs
7. Wallace Doeseb
8. Gerald Gunther