DFB Instructors’ course graduates share with Oshana

Recent graduates of the DFB International Instructors Course, Agnus Elmu and William Kapukare recently conducted an Introductory Coaching Course in the Oshana Region.

The course that ran from 2-6 June was an initiative from the Oshana Regional Football League and twenty-eight (28) coaches from the first and second division leagues attended.

“The need to educate our coaches came after the results of the MTC NFA Cup Aweh, we have exceptionally good and skilful players in the region, but they lacked tactical abilities which is the coach’s responsibility and that is why we need to educate and equip our coaches. We cannot have teams being defeated 10-0 in a cup competition, it doesn’t make sense” says Dalla Phillip, Oshana Regional Football League Chairman.

Phillip stresses on the importance of having licensed coaches in the regions as it provides better results for teams and helps decentralise football.

“Windhoek based teams and surrounding areas have licensed coaches and that explains the results in performance, all regional structures should have coaching courses or clinics for their coaches this will help provide better results and make the game of football more competitive”.

Instructor Kapukare says it was important to share.

” We are fortunate enough to be the leading coaches in the country and so we need to share all that we learn in this game in order to improve the game across the country”, states Kapukare.