NFA Admin Course ends as COVID-19 halts contact sports

The Namibia National Olympics Committee (NNOC)President Abner Xoagub calls on the NFA Administration and Management course participants to ensure that they guard football against doping.

He was speaking at the closing ceremony on Friday afternoon at Football House and distributed information pamphlets on antidoping which details which substances are banned and how testing is conducted and implications of doping.

NFA President Ranga Haikali also spoke to the participants who included Black Africa representative Sylvester Lolo Goraseb.

Haikali called on the participants to jealously promote the game of football through their respective constituencies.

” You have the responsibility of making sure you share this acquired knowledge with your peers be it at club level or regional level and always take pride in what we have and what this sport represent”, says Haikali.

The main speakers also urged the Football fraternity to comply, until stated otherwise, with the latest Covid-19 regulations that prohibits contact sports and comes into effect 01 June 2021 for a period of 30 days.

The workshop provided participants with practical know-how and insights on the administration of the game.

Course participants Goraseb and Merriam Shiinda thanked the NFA on behalf of thier colleagues, for the opportunity to come and learn and promised to be examplary ambassadors of the game.

The workshop was facilitated by Sports Consultant and FIFA Regional Instructor Mathew Haikali and the NFA Acting Technical Director Jaqueline Shipanga, assisted by various experts, covering areas such as club operations, finance, marketing, communications, club licensing, roles, and responsibilities of Team Managers, as well as governance.