Khomas teens finally get action

The Khomas Football Region in collaboration with the Khomas Schools Sport Region (KSSR) launched the Bounce back to Football Girls U/19 Tournament on Thursday at the Nambia Football Association (NFA) Girls Centre.

At the launch, Khomas region Chairperson Peter Ndjulu applauded the Women Desk for their continued efforts and contribution towards developing and growing women football in the country and says he looks forward to more tournaments of the kind that aid in the uprooting and polishing of raw talent.

The tournament will not accommodate League players as it is a developmental project that looks to scout younger undiscovered talents.

The first Rounds will take place 23 April, where the opening match will have Group A teams A. Shipena Secondary face Immanuel Shifidi Secondary at 15h00 at the NFA Girls Centre, followed by Group B’s Hage Geingob Secondary School vs Amazing KInds Private Shool.

Round two will be played on 24 April, Saturday at the same venue, while the winner of group A will take on the winner of group B in the final of the cup, on the 29 April.

KSSR Chairperson Patrick Xoagub says they have been waiting on the opportunity and will assure that the event is a success.

“We are grateful that the developmental project is starting with schools because they are the product holders for learners. To excluding school sports is to exclude the whole developmental agenda.” He says.

By virtue of being part of the project, each participating school will receive a fee of N$500, while the winning teams will receive OTB Vouchers.

The 1st Runner-Up will receive a voucher worth of N$3500, 2nd Runner-up N$2000 voucher, and 3rd Runner Up gets a N$1500 voucher.

The participating schools are divided into the following groups:

Group 1: A. Shipena Secondary school, Sunshine Private School, Immanuel Shifidi Secondary school, Goreangab Junior Secondary School

Group 2: Khomas High School, Chairmain Mao Ze Dong High School, Amazing Kids Private School, Hage Geingob Secondary School.