Warriors bubble-camp ahead of Bafana friendly

Brave Warriors interim coach Bobby Samaria today announced a squad of 35 local based players to join camp from 22 September 2020 in preparation for international calendar.

Namibia are preparing and will compete in the 2021 CHAN Finals and 2020 COSAFA as well as the AFCON Qualifiers.

But before that the NFA got an invitation from their South African couterparts to play Bafana Bafana on the 8th of October.

The 2020 COSAFA is tentatively scheduled for the 2-17 October in Durban while the AFCON qualifiers will resume in November 2020.

Samaria says the players fitness is not a cause of concern, citing that the players conduct themselves in a mature manner and most have been working out throughout the pandemic to ensure their fitness is on par.

Wesley Katjiteo and Hendrik Somaeb are among the new call ups added to the team. Katjiteo last played for South African team T.S Sporting FC but unfortunately had his contract terminated, while Somaeb has been without a team for a while.

“The players will be tested and placed in one accommodation while in camp, and will have training twice everyday at the NFA Technical Centre,as of tomorrow” said, Acting Secretary General Franco Cosmos.

Samaria also revealed his assistant coach Robert Nauseb following the quiting of Woody Jacobs earlier this month.

Brave Warriors squad:
Ratanda Mbazuvara, Kamaijanda Ndisiro, Jonas Matheus, Immanuel Immanuel,
Emilio Martin,Vitapi Ngaruka, Ivan Kamberipa, Pat- Nevin Uanivi, Larry Horaeb, Gregory Aukumeb, Approcius Petrus,Rehabeam Mbango, Tjiuana Tja Tjinotjiua, Erasmus Ikeinge, Johannes Mutanga, Denzil Haoseb, Kleopas Nuukushu
Dynamo Fredericks, Immanuel Heita, Ambrosius Amseb,Wendell Rudath, Gustav Isaak
Alfeus Handura, Llewelyn Stanley, Absalom Iimbondi, Wesley Katjiteo, Marcel Papama, Brandon Neibeb, Willy Stephanus
Elmo Kambindu, Issaskar Gurirab, Panduleni Nekundi, Mapanzi Muwanei, Monis Omseb, Hendrik Somaeb