NFA EXCO to decide on FIFA COVID-19 Funds

The Namibia Football Association (NFA) Executive Committee will decide what to do with the FIFA funds meant for the COVID-19 relief which are yet to be disbursed to FIFA members as funds requested by the FIFA Normalization Committee for Namibia are received.

The NFA recently received around N$11 million dollars from FIFA and according to Franco Cosmos, Acting Secretary General, those funds are meant to clear debts that the NFA had.

“The Normalization Committee that was in office had earlier indicated to FIFA that the NFA has a lot of debts and for them to normalize football it was imperative that those debts were at least cleared to ensure a clean slate for the new normal of football and so FIFA has finally given us the funds and we intend to use for that purpose it was requested and given for. It will not cover all the debts but we will try and do the best where we can to cover them”, Cosmos explains.

The FIFA Normalization Committee was headed by Hilda Basson-Namundjebo and their mandate to normalize football started in February 2019 to 15 March 2020 upon which the Executive Committee headed by President Ranga Haikali, voted in on 22 February 2020, took over.

On the FIFA COVID-19 Relief, Cosmos adds that the NFA has indeed received a communication from FIFA indicating that the World Football Governing body plans to assist Member Associations with some financial relief due to COVID-19 pandemic and they are still awaiting those funds.

“ Those funds are not part of the NFA operational budget and therefore, once FIFA transfers, we will have to notify the Executive Committee and they make a decision on how to use that money in relation to COVID-19. We cannot now prematurely talk until such time that the Executive Committee pronounces themselves on those funds when we do get them from FIFA”, Cosmos states.

The Acting Secretary General also adds that staff members based at Football House in Windhoek are due to report back for work on 02 June 2020 in line with Level 3 of the COVID-19 State of Emergency Regulations.