Warriors wins Oshakati friendlies

  • The Tafel Lager Brave Warriors dominated both friendly matches played in preparation for CHAN 2020 on Saturday at a packed Uukwangula stadium in Oshakati.

    In their first match, the Brave Warriors faced Oshana’s Best Eleven (11)and a great header from Salomon Omseb in the second half was the difference,assisted by substitute Rehabeam Mbango.

    Earlier on, Obrey Amseb fired straight at the goalkeeper Evra Kanenguni; Wendell Rudath saw his free kick fly over and Johannes Mutanga also came close with a header.

    Match two was however the highlight of the day, as the Warriors beat the Nothern Region’s Best Eleven eleven 4-0.

    The Braves took control of the match from start and within the first fifteen minutes of the match, Absalom Iimbondi opened the scoring with an assist from Gustav Isaack.

    After various attempts at scoring, Elmo Kambindu finaly got his goal to make it 2-0 at halftime.

    In the second half, Isaskar Gurirab played the king of assists when he assisted both Awillo Stephaus and Mapenzi Muwanei, who closed off the scoreline a few minutes before the referee blew the whistle.

    Brave Warriors interim Coach Bobby Samaria says he was impressed with the performance, stating that the objective of getting game time was achieved.

    He adds that games such as these boost confidence and motivate not only the players, but entire technical team to keep doing what they do.

    “The first game was tough, but the guys persevered in the end. I really must applaud Oshana for a great performance. The second match showed the difference in class between the two teams from the get go, and at first it was disappointing to see the players fail to convert yet more pleasing to see them revive themselves after a few attempts.”

    Samaria furthermore says the attendance was proof of the love and support of the northern regions for football and their appreciation for having the national team.

    Warriors vs Oshana : Kamaijanda Ndisiro, Tangeni Nuukushu, Wendell Rudath, Immanuel Heita, Llewelyn Stanley, Obrey Omseb, Brandon Neibeb, Marcell Papama, Erasmus Ikeinge Mapenzi Muwanei and Johannes Mutanga.

    Warriors vs Northern Eleven: Charles Uirab, Emilio Martin, Ivan Kamberipa, Larry Horaeb, Aprocious Petrus, Dymamo Fredericks,Absalom Iimbondi,Danzil Haoseb, Gustav Isaack, Gregory Aukumeb and Elmo Kambindu.