Papama and Kamatuka starts against Ivory Coast

Marcel Papama and Joslin Kamatuka starts against Ivory Coast tonight in the two changes to the Brave Warriors lineup at the 30 June Stadium in Group D of the African Cup of Nations Finals.

Namibia were misfiring in the last two games with Shalulile joined by Absalom Iimbondi in the 1-0 defeat to Morrocco and then Benson Shilongo coming in for the South Africa clash that also finished 1-0 in favour of the opponents.

Ricardo Mannetti has made two changes to the team with Marcel Papama taking his place in midfield ahead of Manfred Starke and Joslin Kamatuka in attack with Shalulile.

Namibia have to win this game to at least stay relevant in the tournament and they also have to score thier first goal at the finals.

There are so many pemutations as the AFCON finals have grown from 16 to 24 teams. The top two teams from each group will go through while the best four third-placed teams will also quality to the round of 16 form the six groups.

South Africa have a date against Morrocco at the Al Salam Stadium across town, both games at 18h00.

Here is the lineup against Ivory Coast: Kazapua, Hanamub, Haoseb, Nyambe, Horaeb, Hotto, Papama, Ketjijere, Shitembi, Shalulile and Kamatuka.