Starke and Nyambe blends in Warriors

The Brave Warriors are hard at work to get thier fitness level back on track while Manfred Starke and Ryan Nyambe are blending in perfectly.

Coach Ricardo Mannetti says the boys are pushing for perfect conditions and the hot Dubai is helping them prepare.

“We trying to get the played in the right conditions. The break took a toll on our key players and we need to work hard. Dubai is very hot, sometimes 40 degrees and it’s perfect because Cairo will be as hot albeit just below this and this side good for us” , Mannetti reveals.

The gaffer signals out the European-based duo of Manfred Starke and Ryan Nyambe, and he’s pleased with their adjustment.

“Manfred have acclimatized well to the hot conditions and I’m pleased with him. He will indeed add value and Ryan had a small hamstring injury but over the past week recovered and up and running. The players are working hard to fit into the style and understand the others around them and this is positive. I remain positive and we still have about three weeks before we take on Morrocco”.

The coach adds that overall it’s work in progress:  ” We are still under construction and we have all the necessary arsenal to get it right so we will be ready for AFCON for sure”.

28 players  are in Dubai and they will be reduced to the AFCON Finals tournament 23 players by 18 June when the team jets into Cairo, thier base for the finals.

The Brave Warriors are in Group D at the 32nd Afcon finals and will play Morocco on June 23 before taking on South Africa on June 28, both at Al Salam Stadium. They will play their final group game against Ivory Coast on 1 July at Cairo International Stadium.

The players in camp are: Ratanda Mbazuvara, Virgil Vries, Loydt Kazapua, Max Mbaeva, Ryan Nyambe, Larry Horaeb, Chris Katjiukua, Teberius Lombard, Denzil Haoseb, Ivan Kamberipa, Charles Hambira, Riaan Hanamub, Ananias Gebhardt, Absalom Iimbondi, Willy Stephanus, Petrus Shitembi, Ronald Ketjijere, Dynamo Fredericks, Marcel Papama, Wesley Katjiteo, Manfred Starke, Benjamen Nenkavu, Deon Hotto, Itamunua Keimuine, Benson Shilongo, Peter Shalulile, Joslyn Kamatuka and Isaskar Gurirab.