Warriors’ achievements delights government

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The Brave Warriors achievements at the ongoing 2018 Africa Nations Championship (CHAN) finals in Morocco has united the nation through their teamwork and determination, says Youth and Sport Permanent Secretary Emma Katema-Gaomas.

Katema-Gaomas and her Ministry’s Deputy Minister Agnes Tjongarero has been with the team since the start of their campaign at the finals in Marrakech were they won their first two games to qualify for the quarterfinals and she is not surprised by the results.

“This team has been hard at work since day one. From Windhoek to Tunis and now in Morocco and together they forget all their difference and work as a team for a common cause of representing their country and winning and they have achieved that tremendously. We rejoice in their success as Namibians and its proves that sports is the biggest social builder. Reaching the quarterfinals with a game to spare is no easy feat”, Katema-Gaomas states.

Katema-Gaomas, who was appointed to her position in September 2017, reveals that her following of the team has provided an overwhelming insight of how sports works which can only help her make informed decisions in the future.

“For me this was a worthwhile assessment and after the N$ 10 million we gave to the NFA late last year I now feel that we should have given more. Sometimes you say reduce the training days and/or venue but being here I have seen it all and what it takes for a team to make it. It’s hard work and sacrifices both financially and physically. Everyone one here is doing his part from the players to the coach and the other support staff”, Katema-Gaomas says.

The Permanent Secretary also revealed that the national sports categorization will be concluded soon and act as a guide for resources allocation.

“We need to allocate resources according to sports code popularity and achievement to streamline social integration and cohesion. The categorization will help us to create a winning nation in sports and bring more unity and sense of pride to our people”, explains Katema-Gaomas.

Kantema-Gaomas will proceed to Havana, Cuba on Sunday morning for another official assignment.

In Group B, Namibia and Zambia are each on six points from two games and faceoff in the final group B game on Monday night at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, 21h00, to decide who finish on top.