Baby Warriors wins again on tour

Baby Warriors vs Munster.jpg

The ongoing tour of the Baby Warriors has given Namibia football hope following another comprehensive 3-0 win over a German first Division reserved side team of SC PR. Munster on Sunday afternoon.

This are these sentiments of Coach Pauhl Malembu, after seeing his side feature in another thrilling match on Sunday to make it two wins and a draw thus far on tour in Westphalia.

“The team played well; the boys have a psychological advantage and big game temperaments, and they always raise up to the occasion. This tour have given us hope in going forward with our Youth Football and the Cosafa experience is carrying us through these games” says Malembu ahead of his side final tour game against Westphalia on Wednesday.

The Namibians took the lead in the first half a courtesy goal from captain Elderly Morgan Junior after some great combination play between Johannes Hollombach and Denzil Narib. Midway the second half it was 2-0 thanks to Giovani Kaninab and with about 17 minutes to go, substitute Godwin Eiseb make sure of victory with only his second touch of the ball to make it 3-0 for the Baby Warriors.

The team will now prepare for their final match on tour which will be against B Region Westphalia on Wednesday in Bad Wunnenberg before packing their bags to return home on Thursday night.

The Baby Warriors vs SC PR. Munster : Philipus Josef, Godwin Awaseb, Johannes Hollombach, Dawid Morgan JR, Stanley Ndjavera, Mbakondja Tjahikika, Junior Petrus, Giovani Kaninab, Stevano Dundee, Mbajoroka Kahuure and Denzil Narib.