No Promotions/relegation for past season

FIFA has endorsed that no promotions or relegation will take place in Namibian football for the upcoming season which means teams that were in the relegation positions in the 2018/2019 Namibia Premier league season will also form part of the new season.

Namibian footballer lovers are well aware of the fact that during the 2018/2019 Football Season, no football was played in both the First and Second Divisions. This means that only the Premier League was active but for the two other leagues, football was at a standstill.

The Normalisation Committee (NC) which took office on 8 February 2019, started to engage FIFA in March during the African Cup of Nations draw in Egypt in regards to a preferred outcome for the promotion and relegation of teams in the Premier League as well as for clubs in the First and Second Division. This discussion continued with our engagements during the FIFA World Congress in June 2019 and on 27th June 2019, FIFA formally endorsed the position of the Normalisation Committee that “there should be no promotion or relegation among the three leagues”.

Citing Article 9 of the FIFA Statutes which deals with the principle of promotion and relegation, it is believed that no “sporting merit” exists which determines a club’s participation in a league.

Thus the Normalisation Committee (NC) hereby confirms that no relegation or promotion will take place in Namibian football for the Season 2018/2019 and states categorically that this decision is final. This decision falls squarely within the mandate of the NC which assigns the daily management of the NFA to the NC. The committee believe this decision to be in the best interest of football given the specific abnormal realities in the fraternity.